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Wide Teat Options+, 2 pcs

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The most anticipated teat! Designed together with medical professionals, mimicking nature, its curved shape made of soft silicone is more flexible at the top of the teat and gradually firmer at the base. With 93% acceptance*, the new Options+ bottle teat is similar to the mother's breast for more natural feeding, avoiding teat-nipple confusion thanks to its wider base that provides grip and mouth opening.

(* After an exhaustive study of 884 babies, 93% of babies accepted the Dr. Brown's Options+ Wide Mouth Teat)

The teat is 100% medical silicone and laser perforated, which guarantees the highest quality as the hole is exactly the same on all teats of the same level, giving an exact timed flow.
The Options+ Wide Mouth Teat is more like the mother's breast to encourage better latching and reduce teat-nipple confusion.
BPA free.

Level 2 - 3m+
Level 3 - 6m+
Level 4 - 9m+

Wide Teat Options+, 2 pcs
Wide Teat Options+, 2 pcs Sale price€8,50