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Calendar for the Whole Family

art academy maria do mar

At Maria do Mar , we have a monthly program, full of activities for parents and children: from painting to clay, there will be several arts and themes that the agenda includes for the whole family.

The big launch of this 2022 was the opening of our Arts Academy, led by an unbeatable team, taught in English, German or Portuguese. This is how our Academy was formally born! Every month you can count on a special guest, artist, musician or Fine Arts teacher. We have Galeria Cisterna as the Godmother of our Academy, which will guide us in vocational terms and will certainly bring us the best artists!

Weekly classes (available every week):

Monday, 4:30pm/6:30pm | Drawing and Painting (7-99 years old)

Monday, 4:30pm/6:30pm | Mini-Makers (3-6 years old)

Tuesday, 10:30am/12:30pm | Drawing and Painting (7-99 years old)

Thursday, 4:30pm/6:30pm | Drawing and Painting (7-99 years old)

Friday, 4:30pm/5pm-6pm/6:30pm | Visual arts

Saturday, 10:30am/12:30pm | Clay, Sculpting and Crafts

Classes open to students aged 3 to 99.

Monthly fee per modality: €100 (1 class per week)

Find out more about our Arts Academy and teachers: see here

All information about registration, class prices and workshops can be found in our store and in our activities calendar available below.

More information / Registration:

Telephone: 925824055

Calendar of events

General information:
Group classes 4:30pm/5pm to 6/6:30pm
Ages – from 2/3 (Accompanied) to 99 years old

Art Academy
Private Classes (by arrangement) - €60 (1.30hrs) | €250 for 5 classes

Holiday Activities 2024

Easter: March 25, 26, 27, 28, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (mornings and afternoons)

2 March 5 - After the huge success of the Papier Maché project at Carnival, we launched the studio to make a Piñata !

26 March - With the Piñata now half dry, we will decorate it today and make mold candles .

27 March - Impressionism, Depth of Field, Still Life. Introduction to Composition I

28 March - Knowing how to frame a photo, Understanding the horizon? Introduction to Composition II.

1 April - As an introduction to sculpture, we will make some ceiling lamps , shape them, decorate them and electrify them

2 April - Today is the day to finish the lamps !

3 April - Renaissance, features, postures, self-portrait. Portrait I is the beginning of the exploration.

4 April - Retrato II , we go through dry pastel, we learn to see light and shadow.

5 April - Portrait III , finally with a raised hand, we end with the self-portrait painted in watercolor. This gives us a good introduction to our Drawing and Painting course.