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Pierre Frey

Pierre Frey

Casa Pierre Frey is an ode to creativity and deeply eclectic! The definition of luxury, with designs worthy of authentic works of art!

In 2020, they challenged children to design their own paper for a social project.

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Gabrielle's Les Danseuses WallpaperGabrielle's Les Danseuses Wallpaper
Pop Corn WallpaperPop Corn Wallpaper
Pop Corn Wallpaper Sale price€190,00
Les Maisons de Patricio WallpaperLes Maisons de Patricio Wallpaper
Les Bidules WallpaperLes Bidules Wallpaper
Les Bidules Wallpaper Sale price€190,00
Lara's Les Sports WallpaperLara's Les Sports Wallpaper
Lara's Les Sports Wallpaper Sale price€190,00
Encyclopedia WallpaperEncyclopedia Wallpaper
Encyclopedia Wallpaper Sale price€190,00
Talia's La Competition WallpaperTalia's La Competition Wallpaper
Les ballerines d'Esther & Romane WallpaperLes ballerines d'Esther & Romane Wallpaper
Le weekend d'honorine WallpaperLe weekend d'honorine Wallpaper
Les lapins de charlotte WallpaperLes lapins de charlotte Wallpaper
Les Bolides by Stanislas WallpaperLes Bolides by Stanislas Wallpaper
Colette's Les Petits Chats WallpaperColette's Les Petits Chats Wallpaper