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Family business founded in 2011 by Alex Hochstrasser, designer and inventor of Bilibo, and his sister Doris Hochstrasser, architect.

Moluk, driven by a passion for design, strives to create innovative and sustainable products that, more than entertaining children, invite them to interact with them.

In an increasingly virtual era, Moluk offers an alternative, with absolutely manual toys that make children move and explore. They are toys that stimulate their senses and their minds, and make play physical.

One of their award-winning signature toys, the Bilibo, is seen as one of the most innovative and versatile 'endless' or 'open' toys.

It is an unfinished toy, whose function is to have no function, in which its use is defined by each child, at each moment they play or at each stage of their life. At different times, the child will be able to sit on it, use it as a swing, hide, peek, spin and he will never be wrong, because the use of the toy is defined by him and the only limit will be his will or imagination.

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oogi jr.oogi jr.
oogi jr. Sale price€8,60
Sold outBilibo, Pastel ColorsBilibo, Pastel Colors
Bilibo, Pastel Colors Sale price€36,90
Oogi Sale price€17,00
Pluï Rain CloudPluï Rain Cloud
Pluï Rain Cloud Sale price€14,70
Nigi Nagi Nogi BiterNigi Nagi Nogi Biter
Nigi Nagi Nogi Biter Sale price€18,45
oogi glow oogi glow
oogi glow Sale price€19,00
OogiFant Sale price€12,30
Oibo Rubber CubeOibo Rubber Cube
Oibo Rubber Cube Sale price€24,60
Pluï BrushPluï Brush
Pluï Brush Sale price€8,50
Mox 3Mox 3
Mox 3 Sale price€20,90
Bilibo, Primary ColorsBilibo, Primary Colors
Bilibo, Primary Colors Sale price€36,90
Oogi FamilyOogi Family
Oogi Family Sale price€36,90
Bilibo MiniBilibo Mini
Bilibo Mini Sale price€24,60
Oogi BongoOogi Bongo
Oogi Bongo Sale price€12,30
Boi - Maria do Mar Boi - Maria do Mar
Ox Sale price€18,45
Pluï RainballPluï Rainball
Pluï Rainball Sale price€14,70
Nogi biterNogi biter
Nogi biter Sale price€9,80
Hix TropicHix Tropic
Hix Tropic Sale price€24,60
Bilibo Game Box - Maria do Mar Bilibo Game Box - Maria do Mar
Bilibo Game Box Sale price€36,90