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Papel de Parede


Discover the magical world of wallpaper, made-to-measure murals and wall stickers here! Did you know that we are going to your house to apply? Did you know that we have a project team specialized in creating spaces for the family? Visit us!

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Wallpaper, Thousand FacesWallpaper, Thousand Faces
Wallpaper, Thousand Faces Sale price€160,00
Wallpaper, Unique PeopleWallpaper, Unique People
Wallpaper, Unique People Sale price€160,00
Wallpaper, Funny ShapesWallpaper, Funny Shapes
Wallpaper, Funny Shapes Sale price€160,00
Charlie, Pastel WallpaperCharlie, Pastel Wallpaper
Charlie, Pastel Wallpaper Sale price€158,00
Wallpaper, BenWallpaper, Ben
Wallpaper, Ben Sale price€79,00
Wallpaper, BenWallpaper, Ben
Wallpaper, Ben Sale price€79,00
Agave WallpaperAgave Wallpaper
Agave Wallpaper Sale price€80,00
Kailua WallpaperKailua Wallpaper
Kailua Wallpaper Sale price€296,00
Puna WallpaperPuna Wallpaper
Puna Wallpaper Sale price€195,00
Waever's Wall WallpaperWaever's Wall Wallpaper
Waever's Wall Wallpaper Sale price€69,00
Falsterbo Stripe WallpaperFalsterbo Stripe Wallpaper
Falsterbo Stripe Wallpaper Sale price€145,00
Johan Wallpaper, WhiteJohan Wallpaper, White
Johan Wallpaper, White Sale price€145,00
Frida Wallpaper, BeigeFrida Wallpaper, Beige
Frida Wallpaper, Beige Sale price€145,00
Frida, Blue WallpaperFrida, Blue Wallpaper
Frida, Blue Wallpaper Sale price€145,00
Ängsblomma Wallpaper, Pastel PinkÄngsblomma Wallpaper, Pastel Pink
Ängsblomma Wallpaper, BlueÄngsblomma Wallpaper, Blue
Ängsblomma Wallpaper, Blue Sale price€116,00
Charlie, Pastel WallpaperCharlie, Pastel Wallpaper
Charlie, Pastel Wallpaper Sale price€116,00
Olof Wallpaper, GrayOlof Wallpaper, Gray
Olof Wallpaper, Gray Sale price€62,00
Olof Wallpaper, GreenOlof Wallpaper, Green
Olof Wallpaper, Green Sale price€62,00
Ben WallpaperBen Wallpaper
Ben Wallpaper Sale price€116,00
Marion WallpaperMarion Wallpaper
Marion Wallpaper Sale price€135,00
Little Explorer Mural, BorastapeterLittle Explorer Mural, Borastapeter
Wild Forest Mural, BorastapeterWild Forest Mural, Borastapeter
Wild Jungle Mural, BorastapeterWild Jungle Mural, Borastapeter
Up the Sky Wallpaper, BeigeUp the Sky Wallpaper, Beige
Up the Sky Wallpaper, Beige Sale price€111,50
Up the Sky, Blue WallpaperUp the Sky, Blue Wallpaper
Up the Sky, Blue Wallpaper Sale price€111,50
Savannah Wallpaper, Beige BorastapeterSavannah Wallpaper, Beige Borastapeter
Wallpaper, Little FoxWallpaper, Little Fox
Wallpaper, Little Fox Sale price€111,50
Jungle Friends Wallpaper, Dark BlueJungle Friends Wallpaper, Dark Blue
Jungle Friends Wallpaper, WhiteJungle Friends Wallpaper, White
Savannah Wallpaper, White Borastapeter
Wallpaper, Pop TerreWallpaper, Pop Terre
Wallpaper, Pop Terre Sale price€164,00
Wallpaper, Crossroads PrairieWallpaper, Crossroads Prairie
Wallpaper, Crossroads Prairie Sale price€164,00
Lilac Crossroads WallpaperLilac Crossroads Wallpaper
Lilac Crossroads Wallpaper Sale price€164,00
Wallpaper, Wavy TerreWallpaper, Wavy Terre
Wallpaper, Wavy Terre Sale price€164,00
Woodland Stripe WallpaperWoodland Stripe Wallpaper
Woodland Stripe Wallpaper Sale price€78,00
Deer Love WallpaperDeer Love Wallpaper
Deer Love Wallpaper Sale priceFrom €109,00
Polarn Wallpaper Polarn Wallpaper
Polarn Wallpaper Sale price€112,00
Wallpaper, Parfum TerreWallpaper, Parfum Terre
Wallpaper, Parfum Terre Sale price€164,00
Wallpaper, Rencontre TerreWallpaper, Rencontre Terre
Wallpaper, Rencontre Terre Sale price€164,00
Wallpaper, Winnie the PoohWallpaper, Winnie the Pooh
Wallpaper, Winnie the Pooh Sale price€184,00
Wallpaper, DumboWallpaper, Dumbo
Wallpaper, Dumbo Sale price€184,00
Wallpaper, BambiWallpaper, Bambi
Wallpaper, Bambi Sale price€184,00
Wallpaper, Mickey StripeWallpaper, Mickey Stripe
Wallpaper, Mickey Stripe Sale price€184,00
Wallpaper, Minnie On The MoveWallpaper, Minnie On The Move
Wallpaper, Minnie On The Move Sale price€184,00
Wallpaper, 101 DalmatiansWallpaper, 101 Dalmatians
Wallpaper, 101 Dalmatians Sale price€184,00
Wallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry BluewashWallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry Bluewash
Wallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry GreenWallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry Green
Wallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry SkylightWallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry Skylight
Wallpaper, Hunters TapestryWallpaper, Hunters Tapestry
Wallpaper, Hunters Tapestry Sale price€239,00