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"We will stimulate the imagination and creativity through colors to contribute to the integration of people and culture.

We will nurture a bountiful life by stimulating people's sensibilities by providing high quality color materials and painting media.
We will support the integration between people, cultures, and people and cultures for contributing to the prosperity of future society."

Holbein, using only the best pigments available, has achieved the highest quality control standards in the industry, working to precise standards at every step of the manufacturing process. The result is foolproof consistency from production to execution.

Holbein is unique in the art supplies trade because it does not produce any entry-level/student quality color products. Each of the 16 artists' color lines is tailored to meet the special requirements of professional artists with lightfastness, brightness and technique in mind. In fact, Holbein's entire range of colorful products offers unique characteristics that set them apart from all competing lines, regardless of origin.

Dedicated to excellence, Holbein believes there is no substitute for quality. 

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Holbein Pastel colored pencilsHolbein Pastel colored pencils
Acryla-Gouache Pastel (12)Acryla-Gouache Pastel (12)
Acryla-Gouache Pastel (12) Sale price€53,50
Irodori Gouache SummerIrodori Gouache Summer
Irodori Gouache Summer Sale price€100,50
Irodori Gouache SpringIrodori Gouache Spring
Irodori Gouache Spring Sale price€100,50
Holbein Gum Arabic Liquid
Holbein Gum Arabic Liquid Sale price€13,90
Holbein Pastel Colored Pencil BoxHolbein Pastel Colored Pencil Box
Holbein Liquid Mask
Holbein Liquid Mask Sale price€13,90
Holbein Empty Watercolor PaletteHolbein Empty Watercolor Palette
Premium box of 150 Holbein pencilsPremium box of 150 Holbein pencils
Irodori Gouache WinterIrodori Gouache Winter
Irodori Gouache Winter Sale price€100,50
Irodori Gouache AutumnIrodori Gouache Autumn
Irodori Gouache Autumn Sale price€100,50
Holbein Luminous colored pencilsHolbein Luminous colored pencils