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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Rich in crafts, art and traditions, Transylvania's identity has a very special mystique.

With eclectic collections, inspired by the ethnic heritage and history of the region.

From the invisible and unknown to the instantly recognizable and iconic, we pay homage to art, architecture, artifacts, culture, rituals and people from the four corners of the world. Created with an appreciation for the history of art and design, our collections feature a range of different styles, each with a strong aesthetic identity inspired by the wondrous creations of humanity. Led by founder Stefan ORMENISAN, our design team creates vintage, classic, traditional and contemporary looks, generating a unique bohemian lifestyle that encapsulates the wanderlust spirit of our hometown.


Our designer wallpaper range is designed and manufactured in Transylvania. Combining the impact of a mural with traditional wallpaper repeats, our wallcoverings are manufactured in-house using modern and traditional technologies. Eclectic and evocative, our timeless wallpaper collections draw inspiration from our region's diverse ethnic heritage, paying homage to the art, architecture, culture and rituals of the four corners of the world.


Our wallpaper is produced on state-of-the-art non-woven substrate. Printed with ecological inks, MINDTHEGAP wallpaper can be applied to any type of interior wall, simply paste it on the wall and then apply each strip, one by one, forming a continuous and uniform design.

Most of our wallpapers come in boxes of 3 rolls (strips), each 52cm wide and 300cm long. One box of MINDTHEGAP wallpaper can cover up to 4.65 m² (50.4 ft) of surface, with precise repeating patterns. Some designs come in 10m long rolls.

For some of our wall coverings, the pattern is created on a large scale, with each of three different rolls, cut and matched to ensure a bold, seamless mural.


Our wallpaper is washable. To clean it, use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the surface. Due to the printing process, some ink residue may come off the first time you clean the wallpaper. However, this does not affect the true colors of the design or the quality of the material.

Always clean wallpaper vertically. Never apply any type of adhesive tape to the surface of the wallpaper, as this may affect the integrity of the design printed on the surface.

For greater protection of the wall covering, especially in bathrooms, kitchens or other humid areas, we recommend the use of a protective varnish.


All our wallpapers are tested and certified for fire rating in accordance with international legislation. More information and official fire rating reports are available upon request.


The inks used in our prints are certified in accordance with the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard. Our paints are odorless, extremely durable, and all waste is disposed of responsibly. All fibers used in the production of wall coverings come from sustainably managed forests and are certified by the FSC.

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Wallpaper, Hunters TapestryWallpaper, Hunters Tapestry
Wallpaper, Hunters Tapestry Sale price€239,00
Wallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry BluewashWallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry Bluewash
Wallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry GreenWallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry Green
Wallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry SkylightWallpaper, Grandmas Tapestry Skylight
Fancy Dusty Pink WallpaperFancy Dusty Pink Wallpaper
Fancy Dusty Pink Wallpaper Sale price€239,00
Fancy Trip Turquiose WallpaperFancy Trip Turquiose Wallpaper
Fancy Trip Turquiose Wallpaper Sale price€239,00
Fancy Trip Lemon WallpaperFancy Trip Lemon Wallpaper
Fancy Trip Lemon Wallpaper Sale price€239,00
Wallpaper, Grand Suite KeysWallpaper, Grand Suite Keys
Wallpaper, Grand Suite Keys Sale price€239,00
Wallpaper, Gare du Nord AquamarineWallpaper, Gare du Nord Aquamarine
Wallpaper, Luxury DetailWallpaper, Luxury Detail
Wallpaper, Luxury Detail Sale price€165,00
Mural Gardens of JaipurMural Gardens of Jaipur
Mural Gardens of Jaipur Sale price€239,00
Wallpaper, PaletteWallpaper, Palette
Wallpaper, Palette Sale price€255,00
Wallpaper, Gare du Nord LemonWallpaper, Gare du Nord Lemon
Wallpaper, Gare du Nord Lemon Sale price€239,00
Wallpaper, Venetian OrnamentWallpaper, Venetian Ornament
Wallpaper, Venetian Ornament Sale price€239,00
Kingston Chair - Cambridge Hazelnut leatherKingston Chair - Cambridge Hazelnut leather
Wallpaper, Party NightWallpaper, Party Night
Wallpaper, Party Night Sale price€239,00
Wallpaper, The Bar TapestryWallpaper, The Bar Tapestry
Wallpaper, The Bar Tapestry Sale price€165,00