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Horizon Books

An independent publisher, created on May 11, 1953 by Rogério Mendes de Moura, in Lisbon.

Livros Horizonte has a catalog of more than 1,000 titles, distributed across dozens of collections: from History, Education, Olisipography, Architecture, Engineering, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Sports, Art and a long list of children's titles.

It is in literature for young children that you can find some of our most important and award-winning books.

With more than 100 titles recommended by National Reading Plan , among them, Poems of Lies and Truth , Unlock Languages , Everyone on the Sofa among many others by the author Luísa Ducla Soares ; Mysteries by the author Matilde Rosa Araújo It is The Cuquedo by the author  Clara Cunha .

We aim to stimulate the imagination and thirst for knowledge of our little readers and we don't just make books, we also open horizons!

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Piratology Sale price€14,00
Monstrology Sale price€14,00
How the Teacher WorksHow the Teacher Works
How the Teacher Works Sale price€14,40
The Construction of the WorldThe Construction of the World
The House of the FutureThe House of the Future
The House of the Future Sale price€13,90
DRIVE - A journey along the road of Opposites
Once Upon a HouseOnce Upon a House
Once Upon a House Sale price€14,90
The Jar of WorriesThe Jar of Worries
The Jar of Worries Sale price€13,90
When Sadness Calls
When Sadness Calls Sale price€13,30
Pink MonsterPink Monster
Pink Monster Sale price€12,90
Concentrate! Sale price€13,90
Everyone on the Sofa
Everyone on the Sofa Sale price€11,20
Cuquedo is a Love that ScaresCuquedo is a Love that Scares
The Cuquedo - Practical Guide to ScareThe Cuquedo - Practical Guide to Scare
Be aware that sleep comesBe aware that sleep comes
Be aware that sleep comes Sale price€13,90
The Paper BoyThe Paper Boy
The Paper Boy Sale price€13,90
A good dayA good day
A good day Sale price€14,90
Get in the Box, Big Bad Wolf!
Don't be afraid, Big Bad Wolf!
Good Wolf or Bad Wolf?
Good Wolf or Bad Wolf? Sale price€13,30