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Where the monsters live?

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Punished for his antics, Max undertakes a symbolic journey from his room to a fantastic place, crossing a mythical time/space and facing his fears. After becoming the king of monsters as ferocious as they are friendly, he returns to the starting point, where dinner awaits him. A round trip, from reality to fiction, without anyone or anything explaining whether or not this metamorphosis was the product of a dream.
Published for the first time in 1963, this work, advised by PNL|LER+, has become a classic of Children's Literature and an essential reference, being today one of the best-selling works of all time, translated into numerous languages.

Author: Maurice Sendak
Translation: Elisabete Ramos
Publisher: Kalandraka
Dimensions: 262 x 237 x 10mm
Pages: 48
Recommended age: +4 years
National Reading Plan: 6-8 years old

Where the monsters live?
Where the monsters live? Sale price€14,50