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The Little Prince, Saint-Exúpery

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The Little Prince was written in the spring of 1943, during the war, when Saint-Exupéry was in exile in the United States. Over time, it was discovered by successive generations of readers, especially children, attracted by the charm and transparency of its pages.
The Little Prince is the story of a boy who lived alone on a planet little bigger than himself. One day he set off on a journey through the Universe, discovering the strange world of adults, in a series of extraordinary encounters, which tell us about greed, ambition or ridicule, but also about friendship, love and separation.
But this book, written at a critical moment in the author's life — exiled in time of war, a man of action in forced inactivity and with problems in his emotional life — is also a spiritual autobiography, a departure from the present towards childhood memories. , or perhaps an act of mysterious goodbye.

 17 x 21.5 cm
 Hard cover
 360 grams