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Mini Upright Bookcase

Sale price€824,00

This bookcase was inspired by the mini bookcase. Its tall, compact design makes it perfect for any size living room or bedroom. Stylish shelves and cubbies provide ample space for books, toys and other valuables.

Height: 164 cm, Length: 74.5 cm, Depth: 30.5 / 35.5 cm
Weight: 52.6 kg.

Smart Design:
Works well when space is limited
Strong and stable construction
Two storage compartments with hinged doors

Serious or fatal injuries can result from falling furniture. To avoid an accident, you must permanently fix cabinets, wardrobes and shelves to the wall using the supplied system. If the system is not compatible with your wall, consult a local specialist shop for a solution suited to your circumstances. Learn how to avoid accidents with falling furniture.

Delivery Time: Approximately 6-12 weeks. Shipping costs not included

Mini Upright Bookcase
Mini Upright Bookcase Sale price€824,00