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When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit

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When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit is one of the most read works by young people around the world. Considered a classic of youth literature, and inspired by the author's own life, it tells us about the Second World War in a new perspective and even with some humor.

The year is 1933. Anna is only nine years old and is too busy with school and with her friends to notice the political posters spread across the city of Berlin with the Nazi swastika and the picture of Adolf Hitler, the man who dearly loved her. would soon change the face of Europe. Being Jewish, she thinks, is just something we are because our parents and grandparents are Jewish.

But one day her father inexplicably disappears. And a short time later, she and her brother, Max, are whisked away from Germany by their mother, leaving behind their home, friends and beloved toys. Reunited in Switzerland, Anna's family embarks on an adventure that will last for years.

AUTHOR Judith Kerr
COLLECTION Stars of Youth Literature
1st EDITION November 2015
256 PAGES, illustrated in 1 color
DIMENSIONS 130x198x17 mm
AGE 11+

When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit
When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit Sale price€14,39