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Stop Bullying Your Sister and Leave Your Brother Alone

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«Above all, this book helps us to understand what we can and cannot change, making our expectations more realistic. We will never be able to eliminate jealousy, anger, envy, and all those feelings and emotions that we imagined condemning us to the pains of hell. For the simple reason that feelings and emotions are what they are, neither good nor bad, and the first step is to accept them, teaching our children to do the same.”
Isabel Stilwell in «Foreword»

Studies say that 3.5 is the number of times siblings make out per hour. That is, every fifteen minutes, we hear "Oh, mom, he's bothering me" and "It's not me, it's her!".
Conflicts between siblings are one of the major reasons for stress and fatigue for parents, for whom the main objective is for their children to get along well and be friends for life.
In this book, Magda Gomes Dias brings us a new look at family dynamics and the relationship that children create between them, moving away from classics such as «Don't hit your brother, you'll be beaten up» or «Now give a kiss, ask apologize and make amends. It’s over”.
These pages bring together the best tools for us, as parents, to understand why there are no relationships free of conflict, to look at the needs of each child and to promote reparation and conciliation within our family.
With real cases, practical exercises and advice, Magda Gomes Dias proves to us that, if raising a child is a big challenge, raising siblings is even more so, but it is possible to do it in harmony, managing differences, reconciling opposing personalities and helping each child to feel unique, having the notion that he is listened to and loved.

Author: Magda Gomes Dias
Translation: n/a
Collection: Office of Emotions
Edition: 2018
Number of pages: 184
Dimensions_ 15 x 23 cm
ISBN: 9789898871480
Stop Bullying Your Sister and Leave Your Brother Alone
Stop Bullying Your Sister and Leave Your Brother Alone Sale price€14,50