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Develop Your Child's Intelligence

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Each child is a unique and special being, endowed with its own intelligence, with a particular talent. No two children are alike. Some are more emotionally developed, many have a special artistic creativity, a passion for the field of mathematics, while others have a natural gift for music or great physical abilities. It is the combination of intelligences and abilities of each child that makes him unique.
In this book, Renato Paiva helps us to identify your child's types of intelligence in order to be able to stimulate those that are less evolved and further enhance those that are already developed, encouraging us to play more and better, to play, laughing and having fun together.
With more than 250 games, exercises and activities to do alone or with the family, parents and educators will be able to stimulate memory, attention, concentration, language and creativity. Fundamental talents that will make our children more confident, autonomous and, above all, happier.

Author: Renato Paiva
Translation: n/a
Collection: Office of Emotions
Edition: 2018
Number of pages: 272
Dimensions_ 15 x 23 cm
ISBN: 9789898871381

Develop Your Child's Intelligence
Develop Your Child's Intelligence Sale price€15,50