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From Seven to Seven

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De Sete em Sete is a wonderful and touching story that touches our hearts.

7 curiosities we should know about Willow:
1. She's different (sometimes a little weird). And he's a genius.
2. Interested in almost everything in the universe. But there are some themes - such as plants and diseases - that she particularly likes to explore.
3. Willow realized, too soon and in the cruelest way, that sometimes life can be very unfair.
4. She learned that we can build our family ourselves, with people who truly understand and support us, despite adversity.
5. Doesn't have many friends, but Willow would give her life for the ones she does have.
6. She knows that the most beautiful and important words, like those of gratitude or solidarity, are the ones that get stuck in our throats when we try to say them.
7. Willow will make us laugh, cry and want to hug those we love.

Willow and all the characters in her world will remain in our hearts and fill them with hope for a long, long time.

AUTHOR Holly Goldberg Sloan
COLLECTION Out of Collection 11+
1st EDITION October 2016
DIMENSIONS 140x210x21 mm
AGE 12+

From Seven to Seven
From Seven to Seven Sale price€14,99