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Mini+ Mattress Extension from 122cm to 162cm

Sale price€96,00

Compatible with the Mini+ Basic to Junior Bed, Oliver Furniture

The mattress core is made of Oeko-Tex certified European HR cold foam, which is very comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic, easily recovers its shape after use and has a high load-bearing capacity. Volumetric weight 28.5-33 kg/m3.

The cover is made from GOTS certified organic herringbone cotton, quilted with a layer of Oeko-Tex certified recycled PET fibers. One half (top) has a breathable and waterproof layer of Oeko-Tex certified cotton laminated with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film on the inside. A label indicates the waterproof side.

The removable cover can be machine washed (max. 40°).

The mattress is manufactured in Europe and complies with European regulations and safety standards. The mattress is tested to safety standard EN 16890 and complies with European fire safety standards EN 71-2 and BS 7177

Children's average night's sleep is around 12 hours, during which they process the day's many impressions and experiences. A cold foam mattress gives your little body every opportunity to recover and recharge for a new day full of new adventures.

The mattress provides good support for the entire body, so that the child lies safely and comfortably in all positions. The mattress does not have sleep zones like many adult mattresses. Sleep zones provide special support to specific parts of the body, but as children typically sleep like a helicopter, often tossing and turning during the night, sleep zones are unnecessary.

Young children still cannot regulate their body temperature very well. The cold, open-pore foam helps air circulate through the mattress core and eliminates moisture, allowing the child to regulate their body temperature.

Dust and dirt find it difficult to settle on the mattress. With an easily washable cover, the mattress has a high level of hygiene and is suitable for allergy sufferers. If the worst happens, you can even wash the top of the two-piece cover, as it has a zipper that makes it easy to remove and put on.

Mini+ Mattress Extension from 122cm to 162cm
Mini+ Mattress Extension from 122cm to 162cm Sale price€96,00