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Basic Learning Book

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Learn to play with the exciting new instruction manual. With 25 step-by-step guides to modeling success, you'll be able to master all the essential clay techniques. Including a color mixing chart, basic shape and JumpingClay Super Duper 5 in 1 tool guide. Happy modeling!

Level 1: Green Monster, Yellow Monster, Red Monster, Peppermint Poo, Pink Poo.
Level 2: Farm, Cow, Goat, Rabbit.
Level 3: Castle, Evil Dragon, Shy Dragon, Knight, Princess.

Use of secondary materials
Keyring: Pig, Penguin, Frog Dracula, Frog Pirate.
Pencil holder: Larva.
Halloween Candy Bag: Frankenstein, Witch.
Christmas ornaments: Father Christmas, Rudolfo, snowman.

Basic Learning Book
Basic Learning Book Sale price€4,99