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Article: Le Croissant

Le Croissant

Le Croissant

Le Croissant Gubi

The lounge chairs and Croissant sofas were designed by the Danish architect Illum Wikkelso (1919-1999) and represented a fun and elegant way of interpreting the famous Chesterfield. This piece was redesigned for a more relaxed audience, which emerged with much optimism in the 1960s.

An iconic piece that works alone or in pairs, whether in the corporate or residential world. A bold, contemporary piece that is consistent with our very unique curatorship.

two guabi croissants

Handmade in leather or fabric, these lounge chairs are unique and very handcrafted pieces.

gubi croissant

Danish designer and architect Illum Wikkelsø (1919–1999) believed that furniture should be built to last, to satisfy the body and please the eye. He belonged to a group of designers who shaped the Golden Age of Danish design during the 1950s and 1960s. With his clear design aesthetic and deep knowledge of materials, he was one of the main players in making the Danish design style a international phenomenon.

Illum Wikkelsø gubi croissant

While Wikkelsø was in many ways in tune with the design aesthetic of his day, he had the courage and skill to develop his own innovative style, which was often expressive and surprising, but always focused on sublime craftsmanship and attention to detail. .

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