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Article: Ink as an Element of Your Day-to-Day

A Tinta Como Elemento do Seu Dia-a-dia

Ink as an Element of Your Day-to-Day

Did you also realize that your house was very gray and colorless in this pandemic? With hours and hours of telecommuting, Zoom and meetings one after another, our house even traveled kilometers through the internet, many people, sometimes even strangers, saw all our bookshelves, books and vases. How many times have you chosen a virtual background or turned the computer around to capture a specific corner of the house? Wouldn't a little color on the wall make all the difference?

CIN paint

Imagine a plate of blue rice or even a steak with greenish tones! Do you feel like it? I'd say it's unlikely... Am I right?
Why start this text with mental images that may not be so pleasant? The idea here is to talk a little about colors and these quick images that I tried to raise in your mind were small examples that can illustrate how much colors can be our friend to understand the world around us, and how much we have already engraved in our minds. some of its meanings. Thus, when we enter a refined shop or hotel, it is certain that the chosen colors will contribute to that impression, the same happens in a relaxed and welcoming restaurant. If this hadn't crossed your mind yet, start noticing!

In a very brief way, colors are the different expressions of how our eyes can perceive the light around us. It is just one of the characteristics of light, which reaches our eyes, which in turn send this information to the brain, which will encode it in different ways, intensities and shades. As an interpretation, colors can evoke different perceptions from person to person, being a capacity that we can "train". Our eyes can be constantly stimulated and educated to perceive colors, just as a Sommelier trains his palate to distinguish the different sensations and flavors of a good wine, for example.

As we know, light and color always go together, and the two are also closely linked with regard to the perception of the spaces around us. Inside your home, notice how the room can look different throughout the day depending on how the sunlight enters through the window. Or depending on whether we turn on this or that light at night, we perceive the colors and textures of our living room with greater or lesser intensity.

When we think about colors, in fact, we can think about how much light we want in an environment. Color can help a lot to manage the amount of light that exists in an environment, consequently, this can give us the perception of the space and size of that same environment. The more reflected light, the greater the feeling of size in the room, so if we have a tiny room, and we paint the wall in a darker color, the feeling of tightness and lack of space can be even greater. The opposite is also true, with light colors and mirrors we can have the opposite sensation: a perception of greater space amplitude.

It was mainly after the pandemic, with the growth of teleworking and the time spent at home, that we were "gently invited" to reinvent and improve our home, increase comfort, share spaces more, which awakened in many people that feeling of "What can I improve around here?". In this sense, the choice of colors in the decor, objects, finishes and furniture of our home can be a great ally when it comes to improving well-being in our home, whether in the environment where we are working for hours at a time, or even in the environment our children's play.

Colors can reinforce sensations and feelings, stimulating and amplifying them, and can be the main protagonists when giving that "up" to your home decor. In the next text we'll talk a little about how to choose these colors, or a "What goes with what?". We hope we sparked some ideas out there! To the next!

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