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Babycook Plus kitchen robot

Sale price€200,00

Robot 4 in 1: Steam, mix, defrost and heat.
Quick steam cooking in 15 minutes: preserves flavors and vitamins. Impulse mixing with cyclone effect blade, mixing foods in different ways to adapt to the child's age: homogeneous, crushed or in pieces.

Preparing a complete meal from starter to dessert is possible with Babycook Duo.
Double kitchen robot, ideal for twins or two children, with its 2 jugs of 1100 ml.
The best way to cook healthy and fast. It always cooks with steam, in less than 15 minutes.
You can also prepare food for babies and older siblings at the same time, where one mixes, and the other roasts, etc.
The capacity of the bottles (2 x 1100 ml.) allows you to prepare several tasty meals for your baby in advance.

Detachable cooking container with the possibility of recovering the cooking water rich in vitamins and minerals to adjust the texture of the food.
Automatic stop at the end of cooking, for unattended cooking.
Water meter marked on the carafe: easy measurement of the amounts of water flowing into the tank.
Spatula: helps to remove the cooking basket, mix and pour the food into the pot without burning yourself.

Container content: 800 ml (x2)
Jar content: 1100 ml (x2)

Accessories: sold with splash cap, spatula and recipe book.
Maintenance: the accessories can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. The body of the device must be cleaned with a damp cloth, never submerge it in water.

Babycook Plus kitchen robot
Babycook Plus kitchen robot Sale price€200,00