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Options+ Standard Silicone Teat Bottle

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The Options+ bottles from Dr. Brown's are the only ones clinically proven to reduce colic, reflux, belching and gas. Therefore, they are the No. 1 recommended bottle by pediatricians in the USA. Its patented complete ventilation system helps to reduce colic from birth. Furthermore, since the air that enters the bottle does not mix with the milk, it minimizes the oxidation of vitamins A, C and E and prevents the formation of a vacuum in the bottle, reducing the risk of your baby suffering from otitis in the middle ear. .

Patented system of more resistant complete ventilation.
Ergonomic lid to open with just one hand.
Reinforced thread.
Protective cover for safe transport.
Medical silicone teat.
Free of BPA, Phthalates, Lead and PVC.

How it works?
1) The air enters through the screw of the bottle and passes directly to the internal ventilation system.
2) The air passes through the vent tube and remains at the bottom of the bottle.
3) This exerts a positive pressure preventing air and milk from mixing.
4) In this way, the only thing that flows to the teat is the milk without the baby swallowing air.

Recommended age: from 0 months

Options+ Standard Silicone Teat Bottle
Options+ Standard Silicone Teat Bottle Sale price€11,00