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rainbow wallpaper

Sale price€65,00

This wallpaper looks like something out of a fairy tale in a rainbow pattern, perfect for baby rooms, and beautifully complements the decor due to its pastel colors. It will not dominate the basic decoration of the room and its harmony.

The wallpaper is divided into bands:
Height: 280cm
Width: 50 cm

The price is equivalent to a range.

These strips fit all standard heights as they are an extra 20cm long so you can cut to the height of your wall. Ordering wallpaper in strips is faster and simpler. Simply measure the wall and order the number of strips you need.

The narrow strips of wallpaper ensure that the wallpaper will fit almost perfectly to the width of the wall. Furthermore, the repetitive pattern, where each of the stripes appears identical, allows the elements of the pattern to be arranged on the wall flawlessly once the wallpaper is pasted from the ceiling. Thanks to this, there is very little excess material.

Depending on stock availability .

Wallpaper placement in Lisbon: €50 per roll (minimum application value equivalent to 2 rolls)
There is an additional travel fee outside of Lisbon

rainbow wallpaper
rainbow wallpaper Sale price€65,00