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All For My Mother

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Pedro, an eight-year-old boy, jumps out of the bedroom window and ends up in the street. Run from what? On this journey without a destination, walk through the village and discover the whole world. He doesn't know much about anything, but he ends up finding the meaning of life. He finds it in the black and white story of the Witch, in the lack of teeth of mad Daniel who recites poems by Alberto Caeiro, in the broken shell of a snail, in the tight embrace of Mariana who knows how to read hearts, in her friend Ricardo who wants to being a farmer, in the dirty hands of Mr. Luís who doesn't want to go home, Dona Madalena who dresses all in black and Mr. Carlos who has his soul in ashes.

Pedro (who wants to be Superman when he grows up) runs away from home with just his watch and a bag of biscuits because he can't stand the pain and illness anymore. His shaved head arouses attention and pity. Wait for death to forget you. He dreams of returning to his mother's arms. Will you have time?

All for My Mother is a touching story of a son who does not want to lose his mother. A real journey that almost feels like a fable. The triumph of love against death.

Author Celina Lopes
Number of pages 324
Dimensions 140x 209mm

All For My Mother
All For My Mother Sale price€17,50