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Wood Co-Sleeper Crib, White and Wood

Sale price€629,00

Wood Co-Sleeper Crib with Bench Conversion Kit, White / Wood : a multifunctional crib - Co-Sleeper, crib, bench

The Wood Co-Sleeper Crib was designed to respond to the baby's and parents' need to be close and comfortable in the first months of the baby's life, by lowering the front part of the bed, the crib can be attached easily and safely to the parent's bed. With the sides up, it doubles as a cozy crib. It has rubber wheels so it can be moved easily and silently.
The bed, with safety-approved Nordic design, accommodates a variety of needs: stepless height adjustment ensures a precise relationship with the parent's bed (between 44 - 63.50 cm), yet the baby cannot roll over and get in in the parent's bed. The sides and lower support slats guarantee optimal ventilation for the baby.
When baby already needs their own bed after the first 6 to 9 months, the Wood Co-Sleeper Crib, with the included fastening legs and the open front part, easily transforms into a small bench. The bench can be adjusted in height. Like the cradle, the bench can be easily moved.
The additional wooden stand, which is easily mounted to the crib, makes a natural base for a mobile. The stand can also be used to support the bed canopy. When the crib is later transformed into a bench, the canopy can create a cute environment for the child to play.
The Wood Co-Sleeper Crib is manufactured in Europe and designed to meet strict EU safety and health standards. The best possible materials are used and the products are only treated with non-toxic water-based varnish and paint.
Tested and approved according to the new EN 1130:2019 safety standard. In December 2019, the first EN safety standard for Co-Sleepers was launched.
The bench has been tested and approved according to EN 17191: 2017.

Wood Co-Sleeper Crib, White/Wood with conversion kit for Bench 42 × 82 cm: W 49 × L 92 × H 55/74 cm

Includes Co-Sleeper, Cradle and Bench

Purchased separately:
- Wooden support canopy and mobile for Wood Co-Sleeper Crib: L 3 × L 45 × H 65 cm
- Canopy for Wood Co-Sleeper Crib, white
- Mattress for Wood Co-Sleeper Crib: L 42 × L 82 × H 4 cm
- Wood bench cushion, natural: L 42 × L 82 × H 5 cm

Berço Wood Co-Sleeper, Branco e Madeira - Maria do Mar
Wood Co-Sleeper Crib, White and Wood Sale price€629,00