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Our history

Founded by Mónica, in 2013, daughter of an architect, Mónica is known for decorating like someone putting together an excel sheet. She grew up with a strong English and German influence, which allowed her to have access to other ways of seeing education, the child and the family. Focused on autonomy, she intended to raise strong children with skills that would provide them with freedom and the ability to grow. Over time, the online store was launched, which today serves more than 100 countries.

A unique one-stop-shop, with exclusive brands ranging from interior design, childcare, toys, books, children's fashion and living, accompanied by a tailor-made service for the whole family.

Today, more than ever, families want to choose less but better. It is for this reason that Maria do Mar continues to invest in a sustainable, healthy and family concept of 'slow-living', in which positive parenting is the focus and its founding principle.

The products have an aesthetic of their own, beautiful, handmade, and many have a Nordic design. The aim is for products to grow with families, to form part of their history and to be passed down from generation to generation.

The store was once the Confeitaria da Ajuda factory, to be more precise. With a 12-metre ceiling height and the natural light flowing through, made it very clear that it had to be there, that building had to become a store. It was created as a one-stop-shop where parents and children find everything they need.

Mónica only works with responsible, refined and exclusive brands. Therefore, she constantly travels through Europe, India, Thailand, Brazil, USA, Peru and Indonesia, always looking for the best solutions. Over the past 8 years, it has brought the best furniture brands on the market, all made exclusively from solid wood from sustainable forests. It brought evolutionary, creative and challenging toys, and organic baby products.

There is a real concern with the World, with the way things are done and, above all, with the education of strong, creative and happy children.

During her travels, she also encounters extraordinary artisans, projects that involve local communities, fair trade factories, countless special people, and she brings everything back in her suitcase.

Today, Maria do Mar offers the brands it likes most in the world and which it believes are the best options for families.