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Our Team

We are a magical, multidisciplinary team full of talent!

Maria do Mar is the sum of this team. It is the sum of each person's talents, skills and characteristics.

our team

Alex, Nuno and Mónica have been working together for 15 years, they are stories from other carnivals. Alex is the hurricane and Nuno is our artist. Already Mr. António was stolen or kidnapped and became the father of all of us. Then we have Maggie, who did events and fell in the soup here. It was a suggestion from our agency, we never realized why they didn't keep it, it's a machine. Isabel broke all the dishes in a china shop and joined us. We're sorry but we don't know how to live without her, she's just the neatest and fairest person ever. And then there's Vera, who is the landlord's daughter (no wedgies!). Do you know who you talk to every time you call or write to us? It's a love isn't it? It's Vera.

Mónica married Rui, the financier, and shared her dream with him. Maria, who was on leave, married Monica's cousin who lived with her sister in a shared house in London (we needed a stylist and she exudes style)! It's just perfect!

This is indeed magic...