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Company created by Véronique Debroise, whose passion for perfumes led her to discover the world and write books on pure, aromatic materials.

In an attempt to share her passion, Véronique decided to create the first smelling games: Le Loto des odeurs, Magic Odor, Fragrances, Parfumaster, Bacchanales and La route des epices. A new series, which facilitates the creation of sensory experiences that become a pillar of common happiness between generations.

He quickly realized that the senses were neglected in western education and decided to develop specific products for each of the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

For over 25 years, Véronique has created several products that have been awarded by professional juries in the games and toys industry, both in France and internationally.

Sentosphere games are made in France in order to guarantee their quality control and to be produced in the most responsible way possible, both in terms of the environment and society.

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