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Art Academy

Art Academy

When Art teachers from various countries come together, renowned Artists are added, and there is a common dream, the Art Academy @Maria do Mar is born.

Here we think (just) outside the box, and we are not afraid of discomfort. Here we paint outside the lines, upside down, here we add to the students' soul and allow creativity to be infinite! The Art Academy was created to discover the artist in everyone.

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Art Academy, Holiday Ateliers Art Academy, Holiday Ateliers
Art Academy, Holiday Ateliers Sale priceFrom €24,50
Art Academy - Drawing and Painting, Monthly Art Academy - Drawing and Painting, Monthly
Art Academy - Mini-Makers, MonthlyArt Academy - Mini-Makers, Monthly
Art Academy - Mini-Makers, Monthly Sale priceFrom €100,00
Art Academy, Classes or Individual Workshop
Unison 36 Emma Colbert Dry Pastries (Animal) - 5cm Sticks
Unison 36 Emma Colbert Dry Pastries (Light and Shade) - 5cm Sticks
Unison Starter Set Landscape Dry Pastels - 2.5cm Sticks
Unison Starter Set Portrait Dry Pastels - 2.5cm Sticks
Unison Mini Packs Dry Pastries - 2.5cm SticksUnison Mini Packs Dry Pastries - 2.5cm Sticks
Sharpens classic Caran D'AcheSharpens classic Caran D'Ache
Sharpens classic Caran D'Ache Sale price€190,20
Meiji Ink No Iro Zig KuretakeMeiji Ink No Iro Zig Kuretake
Faber Castell watercolors with connectorsFaber Castell watercolors with connectors
Mungyo Dry Pastry Box
Mungyo Dry Pastry Box Sale price€9,80
Sketchbook Art Creation A4Sketchbook Art Creation A4
Sketchbook Art Creation A4 Sale price€15,65
Holbein Pastel colored pencilsHolbein Pastel colored pencils
Holbein Luminous colored pencilsHolbein Luminous colored pencils
Sold outFaber Castell Wax PencilFaber Castell Wax Pencil
Faber Castell Wax Pencil Sale priceFrom €10,50
Art Academy, Private Lesson
Art Academy, Private Lesson Sale price€60,00
ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite CanArtGraf Watercolor Graphite Can
ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite Can Sale priceFrom €12,35
ArtGraf Watercolor Tailor Pencil SetArtGraf Watercolor Tailor Pencil Set
ArtGraf Watercolor Tailor Pencil Set Sale priceFrom €26,85
Empty box for art suppliesEmpty box for art supplies
Empty box for art supplies Sale price€27,50
Derwent DrawingDerwent Drawing
Derwent Drawing Sale priceFrom €26,50
Desktop Manual Pencil SharpenerDesktop Manual Pencil Sharpener
Gansai Tambi watercolorsGansai Tambi watercolors
Gansai Tambi watercolors Sale priceFrom €42,50
Gansai Tambi watercolors - Irodori Kobako ZIGGansai Tambi watercolors - Irodori Kobako ZIG
Letter to Santa ClausLetter to Santa Claus
Letter to Santa Claus Sale price€2,50
Irodori Gouache AutumnIrodori Gouache Autumn
Irodori Gouache Autumn Sale price€100,50
Irodori Gouache WinterIrodori Gouache Winter
Irodori Gouache Winter Sale price€100,50
Premium box of 150 Holbein pencilsPremium box of 150 Holbein pencils
Holbein Empty Watercolor PaletteHolbein Empty Watercolor Palette
Holbein Liquid Mask
Holbein Liquid Mask Sale price€13,90
Holbein Pastel Colored Pencil BoxHolbein Pastel Colored Pencil Box
Holbein Gum Arabic Liquid
Holbein Gum Arabic Liquid Sale price€13,90
Gouache 12 Talens colors
Gouache 12 Talens colors Sale price€14,00
Irodori Gouache SpringIrodori Gouache Spring
Irodori Gouache Spring Sale price€100,50
Irodori Gouache SummerIrodori Gouache Summer
Irodori Gouache Summer Sale price€100,50
Acryla-Gouache Pastel (12)Acryla-Gouache Pastel (12)
Acryla-Gouache Pastel (12) Sale price€53,50