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AKIARA was born in Barcelona in 2018 by Inês Castel-Branco as a continuation of Pequena Fragmenta , Fragmenta's children's collection that the publisher had created and directed since 2015.

AKIARA sounds like the contraction of «here and now» (but it is written with K, the most playful letter for children) and also alludes to the Japanese name Akira 明, which means 'bright, luminous'.

AKIARA exclusively publishes books of its own production, carefully written and illustrated, for children and young people of all ages, aimed at cultivating interiority and human quality.

With inspiring texts and illustrations, AKIARA books broaden horizons and awaken the ability to wonder at the world, while at the same time stimulating the art of reading, thinking, arguing, contemplating and getting to know oneself. /The.

We work with sustainability criteria, minimizing the use of plastics and environmental impact. We print locally (we have never done so in China) and on FSC certified paper.

Our books, published in Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan, are appreciated internationally and have already been translated into more than a fortnight of languages: English (United States), French (France and Quebec), Italian, German (Germany and Switzerland), Polish , Danish, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Persian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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bird heartbird heart
bird heart Sale price€16,50
Clouds in the headClouds in the head
Clouds in the head Sale price€14,50
The two wolvesThe two wolves
The two wolves Sale price€13,90
Why do we cry?Why do we cry?
Why do we cry? Sale price€13,90
Where do ideas come fromWhere do ideas come from
Where do ideas come from Sale price€14,50
Rain or shineRain or shine
Rain or shine Sale price€14,50
On the other sideOn the other side
On the other side Sale price€14,50
The big leapThe big leap
The big leap Sale price€14,50
Because we are afraidBecause we are afraid
Because we are afraid Sale price€14,50
Rows of dreamsRows of dreams
Rows of dreams Sale price€14,50
We play hide and seekWe play hide and seek
We play hide and seek Sale price€16,50
A farmA farm
A farm Sale price€16,50
Haikus timeHaikus time
Haikus time Sale price€16,50
Thank you, Mother Earth!Thank you, Mother Earth!
Thank you, Mother Earth! Sale price€18,50
Verbena and HummingbirdVerbena and Hummingbird
Verbena and Hummingbird Sale price€15,00
With the handsWith the hands
With the hands Sale price€15,00
Let's go to the beachLet's go to the beach
Let's go to the beach Sale price€16,50
A boy on the beachA boy on the beach
A boy on the beach Sale price€15,00
The Song of the Bird tocThe Song of the Bird toc
The Song of the Bird toc Sale price€16,50
Rediscover the WorldRediscover the World
Rediscover the World Sale price€22,50
Sometimes the forest…Sometimes the forest…
Sometimes the forest… Sale price€22,50