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Article: BABY'S SLEEP. By Mafalda Navarro

O SONO DO BEBÉ. Por Mafalda Navarro
baby sleep

BABY'S SLEEP. By Mafalda Navarro

Baby sleep. The space where the baby will sleep should be used for just that: for the baby to sleep. For this reason, we must pay close attention to what we do to this space. It doesn't mean that the room should only have one bed, or that the whole division will be just for him to rest. The room should be a space for sleeping, playing, cleaning or also for eating, while making milk meals. But, the space dedicated to sleeping must be chosen carefully, so that it is not a reason for difficulties in falling asleep and even night awakenings.

So what aspects are important to take into account?

The bed

Can be one carrycot , one baby crib or also a crib bed , depending on the size of the baby. As they grow, they will need more space to sleep too. Otherwise, they start to wake up every time they hit a wall of the bed, or easily feel their feet on the bottom. It must not be a structure with a malleable or unsafe surface. Even if in one day the baby cannot open or climb on it, he can, without our noticing it, learn to do so.

the mattress

It must be firm and adapted to the size of the bed, so that there is no space between the mattress and the bed frame. You should also make a slight inclination of the mattress, so that the baby sleeps with the head higher than the legs. This way, if you have bags, reflux, or even a breathing problem, this will make you more comfortable.


Until they are a year old, all they need is a bottom sheet. While they are younger, they end up moving a lot in bed, and it can be dangerous to have blankets or duvets on top of them, because they can end up covering their face, involuntarily.


Toys, pillows, blankets or other decorative items should not be in the crib. The fewer objects that are within reach of the baby's eyes, the better. We must not forget that babies are very curious and, when closing their eyes, they should not have stimuli that delay this moment. The same applies to toys hanging over the bed, or even lights, no matter how small. All this will serve as a pretext for not falling asleep. Another aspect to be aware of is the use of rugs or soft toys in the bedroom. If the baby is more prone to breathing problems, these objects will speed up the process, as hair is a source of dust accumulation. The walls can be decorated, but the further away from the baby's field of vision, the better. We should also always opt for more neutral and soft colors, because they end up stimulating the baby less.


The first rule is for us adults to feel comfortable inside the room, that is, when we enter we must not feel a change in temperature, neither too cold nor too hot. Babies don't need much more warmth than their parents. The door must be open for air to circulate and it is not advisable to use heaters or any other heating system. These devices end up drying the air, and making it difficult for the baby to breathe so easily. If we are in a room that is too cold, we can always put one more item of clothing on the baby. The crib should not be too close to lights, windows or radiators.

objects in bed

The baby feels safer if he has a company to fall asleep. Bearing in mind that it shouldn't be one of the parents, you can always have a pacifier and/or a cloth diaper or another object in your bed that will help you feel calm. But without exaggeration. It should be something that comforts you, without lights or noises, so that you don't delay falling asleep. Pacifiers must not be attached to the baby's clothes, nor must they have strings that could hurt him during the night.

The biggest rule is that it should be a comfortable space for everyone, parents and children. If we don't feel well when we enter the room, for some reason, the baby probably won't feel well either.

Per Mafalda Navarro

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