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Article: Family Centered Design

Family Centered Design

Family Centered Design

Interior design centered on the family, starts from within the family, from routines, from each person's way of life. Each family is a family, has unique characteristics and different ways of living at home.

Decoration is much more than just aesthetics. It is the creation of a nest, where families live, grow, rest. Our objective is to organize spaces according to the age and stage the family is in, and respond to the demands of the dynamics and specificities of each family.

We work on bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or complete houses, having internal or external teams for the various options.

How it works

We start with an interview, in the form of a conversation to define the starting point of the project. We intend to analyze the family's routines, possible housekeeping issues or even sleep issues with the youngest.

  • Project request and payment of the amount per division
  • Appointment of an interview, request for plans and/or survey
  • In-depth interview to understand the family, routines, needs, tidiness
  • Presentation of proposal in 3D and budget
  • Project approval and monitoring meeting
  • Project execution


The Interior Design project service in a proposal presented with a shopping list and 3D that results from the survey and creativity.

The service is paid and the amount deducted upon award of the project.

3D projects from €300

Services we provide:

3D project

Transport and Assembly




Decluttering and Organization of Space


Payment for the project is made in store, or by bank transfer and you can choose to pay half upon award and half upon delivery, or pay in full for the order.

- 100%

- two installments

Failure to award the project does not imply the refund of the project value, the value refers to payment for the service.

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