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Article: Academy of Arts

Academia das Artes

Academy of Arts

It was born from a provocation, from several people with a vocation and, of course, from a dream! In 2021 our Academy was born, now with a formal identity! Supported by Caran D'Ache, today we have a unique project in Lisbon!

The teachers:

Artes Plásticas da Mafalda ” ( @artesplasticasdamafalda ): Mafalda is par excellence, probably one of the people who is best working the sense of emotions and feelings through art, focused on organizing ideas and what we feel, Mafalda takes the tweens and teens on a very fun and profound journey of self-knowledge with recycling, painting and great taste!

"Origami" with Professor Carolina Rêgo ( @mrs_cartolina ), where projects of various colors and prints are born using cardboard, with the art of traditional Japanese folding as the protagonist, which teaches how to develop original images without cutting or pasting.

"Arte e Pintura ou Belas Artes" by the hand of our founder, monica MOURA albuquerque , is a space for young and old alike, where work is done in a disruptive way, where students are led to think outside the box, and clearly to leave out of their comfort zone. Here we are great believers in education through art and growth through skills! Mónica also has a Patreon channel where every month for a subscription from 3€ she works on the arts as a family, offering activities for the weekends with video downloads for example!

"Storyteller" Maria Piano curates the Academy's programmes, is present and teaches at most of the workshops. Maria is known for the stories she reads, because nobody reads stories like Maria! Maria has 20 years of teaching in a preschool environment in Portugal.

Fine Arts Classes (fixed) on Thursdays and Clay Classes on Tuesdays, taught by Professor Frank Sauer with more than 35 years of experience in a Primary School environment, in several countries. The themes to be dealt with will be the great themes of art, and always crossing the various types of media from charcoal to acrylic. Classes are given in English, German and Portuguese.


Set of 5 lessons | €160 | includes 20% discount on art supplies in the store

One-to-one classes | €35 | includes 20% discount on art supplies in the store

Private Lessons | 80€ lessons of 1:30hrs | includes 20% discount on art supplies in the store

For more information: or agenda

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