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Article: Tables and Chairs for Independent Children

Mesas e Cadeiras para Crianças Independentes

Tables and Chairs for Independent Children

Tables and Chairs for Independent Children

Designed with them in mind, our desks and chairs too can be set up at many different heights, and are full of little storage nooks to promote self-sufficient activities and independent children.

For pre-school age we suggest Ping-pong tables, they are made to scale for the child, they are very stable and suitable for all games.

mini maxi desk

Afterwards We started at the age of having a secretary! Here it is important to adjust the height and distance.

And for seniors, a transitional desk with feet that go up:

Brooklyn desk Oeuf

And finally the biggest

Oliver Furniture Desk

We also have the funniest desk ever, and the coolest ever

jan desk black and white

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Arrumação Focada em Autonomia

Storage Focused on Autonomy

Storage Focused on Autonomy We like that the children's storage is focused on autonomy as in the case of the spacious Seaside bookshelf by Oliver Funiture .

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Tapetes, tapetes, tapetes.. Conhece a Lorena Canals?

Rugs, rugs, rugs... Do you know Lorena Canals?

Do you already know our washable rugs? We have the solution you need, for bedroom, living room, baby room

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