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Article: Beds that Grow with Your Family

Camas que Crescem com a sua Família

Beds that Grow with Your Family

Beds that Grow with Your Family

Our beds and bunk beds grow, unfold in two, and can be adapted to create spaces for reading, playing, or resting.

Made with sustainable materials by artisans, they are designed to grow with them and be passed down from generation to generation.

Evolution Cradles

At Maria do Mar we believe that children's furniture should be evolutionary, such as the Co-Sleeper Crib by Oliver Furniture , which is an example of the multifunctionality that baby furniture can have. After the first few months, the crib can be detached to be used as a stand-alone crib. It can even later become a small bench, always maintaining its simple aesthetic and Nordic design.

Our stylist Maria talks about evolutionary beds and explains some of her choices:

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CRESCER SEM PRESSA. Por Ana Dias Ferreira

GROW WITHOUT HURRY. By Ana Dias Ferreira

' Grow without haste. It's not the diapers, the teeth, maybe not the sleepless nights. The biggest challenge in raising a child these days is really time. What we went through with it and the way w...

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Arrumação Focada em Autonomia

Storage Focused on Autonomy

Storage Focused on Autonomy We like that the children's storage is focused on autonomy as in the case of the spacious Seaside bookshelf by Oliver Funiture .

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