Respect for the world, and for People

We strive at finding the best brands with the type of make-up that we love, with noble materials and soft texture, but at the end of the buying process, if the brand is not environmentally friendly and does not practice fair trade we do not buy. We believe in fair prices and if being paid for what you make. We don’t do Black Fridays or discounts, we don’t believe in Seasons. We are very committed to what we call our identity, our DNA.
– Human rights and no kids labor, we believe in human respect
– Ethical resources and production, sustainability, Eco friendly, we do work with plastic unless it is recycled.
– Small businesses, like ours, with real people. Limited productions and special editions are the sort of brands we love. Handmade is our favorite!

We are all for designers with hands on, those who are passionate about their work and values. At Maria do Mar we value originality and are all for authenticity. We prefer to work with fewer brands and carry a good share of their range, we are focused on being brands ambassador in Portugal and in countries where only our online is available. #buyless #choosebetter

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