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We love clothes that allow kids to be free, clothes that they can play, paint, dance, sing and roll around on the ground in. Clothes for kids should be made with kids in mind, they should be easy for them to dress and mix and match alone. Clothes for kids specially for toddlers and young children should be very focused on their autonomy, helping them become more independent and strong.
The world today seems to believe that children’s clothing are either mass-produced or come off the catwalk however, recently we’ve started to observe a shift in this belief. There is clearly a rising industry of real people that make real clothes; premium quality and made with honesty and care. A different light has been shone over the fashion industry, a sense of slow fashion and that’s what led us into this industry.
We’re all for slow fashion, no seasons, comfortable and high quality fun clothes! We’re all for clothes that kids love!

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