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Lifestyle with gifts for Mom, Dad, kids, Stepmom, Grandad, Friends, Birthdays, Christmas, any days.. that’s what we called a challenge! What started off with a kids only had evolved into a complete Lifestyle store, carrying everything from Stationery, to Photography, audio, Back to School, Travelling apparel, Books, Lighting, and whole lot of the coolest brands ever!

Our small boutique is in one of the trendiest local neighborhoods in Lisboa, Alvalade, a neighborhood for local families, off the main streets. If you are coming to Lisbon and want to avoid tourists, come and check out Alvalade. This neighborhood is packed with cool stores, highly specialized stores.

Lifestyle, by definition it’s the choice of objects and rituals that create an association to your desired way of living. Be it the way to sway, the way you dress, exercise, what you believe in. Your lifestyle defines part of your personality, or at least the way you show it!

This is our first store, it’s an ode to Lifestyle, starting with baby and kids, and sparkling into teens and blossoming as adults. We carry the best in class of gadgets, travelling item, stationery, gifts, books and what not!

Our first Lifestyle store is in Lisbon, in the neighborhood where I grew up. It’s a very special neighborhood, filled with traditional stores, families, restaurants, parks. It’s one of the most traditional neighborhoods in town, with upper scale housing and family driven services. Our store came as a compliment with a fresh look for kids gifts.

Initially we were focused purely on toys, and as our décor started to grow we found the store to be to small for us, and opened a new one. On that day, the initial store was forced to emancipate and become a more all-round store, making room for both.

Today we have ravishing sparkling BAN.DO, retro Polaroids, the coolest Luster Guides, the shiniest stationery, the coolest Headphones and above all, a selection that will help you carry the coolest lifestyle ever!

We carry worldwide brands, ranging from the US to Poland, Germany to Japan. Premium, high-end and hype brands. We’d love to have you, come pay us a visit, and check out our super selection of brands.

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