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Our ChildCare store is a project for late 2019. We have realized that we have a very clear opinion when it comes to quality ChildCare products, be it in terms of autonomy, ecology, sustainability or even in medical suitability. We have a full committee of Pediatricians, Nurses and Psychologists who are focused on the brands, the products and the World Health Organization who guide us in the best ways of treating our babies and children.
Our choice of brands offers a wide range of plastic free, glass, organic and best-in-class products, and varies from Strollers to diapers, from Bottles to breastfeeding accessories.
We promise a new environment, totally focused on the Pregnancy, Mother and Baby, with a very cool twist whilst still offering the best brands, mainly on our online store.
Here we Care about the Mother, we Care about the Baby, we Care about the father, we Care about the World, we Care about how things are done and above all, about raising strong and creative, loving and Caring children.

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